Wine 2.4 Has Fixes For Aliens Vs. Predator, The Next BIG Thing, And Nvidia GPUs

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The Wine 2.4 development release is now available for download continuing the road to the next major update of the free and open source implementation of Windows on Unix.

Wine 2.4 comes two weeks after the >release of Wine 2.3

and ships with a built-in implementation of cryptographic hashes, an updated Mono engine that ports many upstream fixes, some additional Direct3D command stream work, various XML reader improvements, and simulated italic and bold support in the DirectWrite component. A total of 32 bugs have been fixed in the Wine 2.4 release.

More Windows apps and games work out of the box on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution. Among the improved apps, we can mention Kontact 5.6, Lotus Smartsuite 3.1, AcdSee Pro 9 (64-bit), ARC client, Xuzhou network client, Gómez PEER Zone, Polaris Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Poedit, QuickBooks 5.0, and Native Instruments Native Access 1.0.25 (R37).

Improved Windows games, better Nvidia GeForce GT 525M support

The Secret Files 3 Demo, Aliens vs. Predator (2010, Steam), Rollcage Redux 1.3.8, The Next BIG Thing, Galactic Civ 3, DOOM, and Steep (Ubisoft) games should also work better on your Linux-based operating system, along with the BlueByte Game Channel, which should no longer fail to install. Wine 2.4 also recognizes Nvidia GeForce GT 525M graphics cards.

Below we've attached the full changelog if you're curious to know what bugs have been resolved, and you should also take a look at the official release notes. In the meantime, you can >download the Wine 2.4 source tarball

right now from our website if you want to install it on your GNU/Linux distro, or wait until it lands in the stable software repositories. Please update as soon as possible if you fancy running Windows games and apps on your Linux box.

Wine 2.4 Has Fixes for Aliens vs. Predator, The Next BIG Thing, and Nvidia GPUs
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