Why Did Rob Porter Lack A Permanent Security Clearance? Here’s How The Process Works

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Mark Zaid:

 Well, so, what we know, for example, the FBI would have gone and done an extensive background investigation, interviewed, like I said, the ex-wives, also gone to the courthouse to find out information about the protective order, also talked to Porter himself.

When that investigation was completed by July of 2017, the White House had some questions, I suspect, because they went, as we have heard some reports that the chief of staff went and talked to Porter and said, look, we have these allegation against you. What are your explanations?

And we have seen some public reports that they had felt he misled them. Based on whatever happened in those summer months, they asked the FBI to go back and get more. More information came in. Basically, we have got about three or four opportunities that the White House knew enough information to make not only a clearance decision, but a suitability determination, did they want someone like Porter in the White House?

Why did Rob Porter lack a permanent security clearance? Here’s how the process works
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