This Cheap Online Course Will Teach You How To Build Android Apps, So You Can Finally Quit Your Day Job

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Sure, it seemed like the whole world was buzzing for a hot minute around the release of the iPhone X and iOS 11 — but don't sleep on Android. Not only is the latest Google Pixel making significant waves, but it's actually Android that's the world's most popular mobile platform.

Taking that into consideration, now's as good a time as any to pick up some Android programming skills. With The Complete Android Developer Course - Build 14 Apps, you'll learn to develop for Android M, Google's most recent release of the platform. 

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Whether you're looking to beef up your resume for a promotion, land a new job, make some side cash, or just learn a new hobby, this course shows you how to make real apps like Uber and Instagram. Best of all, the lessons are all project-based — meaning you get hands-on experience with the same techniques and tools you'd be using to create new apps independently. 

The course includes 17 sections, more than 232 lectures, and 31.5 hours of content, showing you how to develop an app from start to finish. Whether you're learning to submit your creation to Google Play, marketing it via Google Ads, or learning how to leverage the latest Android M features like App Permissions and Android Pay, this course is full of valuable lessons for the budding mobile entrepreneur. 

Don't snooze on a fresh opportunity: snag access to this Android developer course for $17, 91% off the usual price of $199.

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>Save $182 on the The Complete Android Developer Course

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This cheap online course will teach you how to build Android apps, so you can finally quit your day job
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