The Nexus 9 Disappears From The Google Store In A Puff Of Underwhelming Smoke

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The Nexus 9 never really clicked - not as an Android tablet, not as a Nexus device, and certainly not as the premium, segment-leading gadget that Google and HTC wanted it to be. Between a host of bugs, inconsistent build quality, and general apathy from the buying public, the N9 isn't nearly as well-regarded as its predecessors (both versions of the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, many of which are still in use) and its successor (the Pixel C). Today Google seems to have finally written off the ill-fated tablet, as it's gone from the Google Store.

Not just gone, in fact - it's disappeared. The former listing for the Nexus 9,, now redirects to the store's homepage. Usually we get at least a month or two of "this product is no longer available" on a placeholder. The change comes after a more subtle shift yesterday, April 26th, when the "Tablets" link at the top of the main store page was redirected to the Pixel C listing instead of a combined page for both the Pixel C and Nexus 9. The N9 doesn't even show up on the Google Store's search page.

Goodnight, sweet Nexus 9. We'll miss your Tegra K1 processor, your LTE model, and your fire sales, but not your plastic build, your poor battery life, and all the performance issues. And flights of overpriced keyboard folios sing thee to thy rest.

The Nexus 9 Disappears From The Google Store In A Puff Of Underwhelming Smoke
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