Team Win Recovery Project Version 2.3.1 Released, Based On Jelly Bean Source Code

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Back in July, we introduced to our readers for the first time the >Team Win Recovery Project

. It’s an alternative to ClockworkMod Recovery and has become quite popular among the rooted and modded community by giving them a much more comprehensive way of creating backups and even editing them through the recovery stage. 

It’s received a beefy update to version and it has some features that should get some flashers happy. Included in the update is a complete rebase to the AOSP code for Jelly Bean and a completely re-written backup restore, etc. in C++ for better maintenance down the road. In layman’s terms, it does what it did before, but a whole lot better.

To check out TWRP for a huge list of supported devices, check the via links down below.

Via: Team Win | XDA

Cheers Adam!

Team Win Recovery Project Version 2.3.1 Released, Based on Jelly Bean Source Code
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