ROM Manager Now Supports TWRP, Incremental ROM Updates

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After slaving away at Carbon, the app sync and backup app, Koushik Dutta has turned back to his age-old classic ROM Manager to add some much needed features. For starters, TWRP — or, the TeamWin Recovery Project — is now supported, meaning ClockworkMod Recovery is no longer the only recovery you can use to jump straight to a custom recovery using ROM Manager.


To get started, all you have to do is enable the “setup recovery” button, and ROM Manager will acknowledge that you’re using TWRP. TWRP is a great custom recovery that enables the use of touch and other nice features that have much of the ROM development world captivated.

ROM Manager also supports incremental ROM updates, so developers can issue smaller upgrades whenever bug fixes or small feature updates need to go out. This means you could download a 20MB file to get up to the latest version of CyanogenMod instead of a full 180MB+ file if the situation calls for it. This is quite useful for anyone on a slow connection or on a limited data plan, so we’re hoping every developer in the world begins to distribute update files for their ROMs in this manner.

That said, Koush made a point to remind us that both these features are still in beta, so don’t expect things to work 100% correctly 100% of the time. Anything that happens to your device as of the result of using ROM Manager is your own responsibility, so if you’re fine with that then be sure to download it from the Google Play Store and try it for yourself.

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ROM Manager now supports TWRP, incremental ROM updates
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