Official: LineageOS Continues CyanogenMod's Legacy, Download Portal Goes Live

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LineageOS has officially become the true successor to the defunct CyanogenMod, your everyday place for downloading customized ROMs for Android devices. It took the new entity a few weeks to set up its new websites, but if you like to tinker with your Android phone's software, it was worth the wait.

The folks behind LineageOS have just announced that all its websites and services are now operational and everyone can start downloading their favorite ROMs.

Additionally, our Download Portal, Install stats page (yep, that’s 50k+ unofficial installs already!) and Wiki are all live. Notably, all three of these sites (and this blog) are open sourced - you can contribute to them via our Gerrit instance,” reads the official statement.

Keep in mind, though, that the website may look bare for the time being, but it will soon be populated with content and design as LineageOS continues to improve the services it will provide Android fans for free.

Regarding the supported devices, >LineageOS has confirmed

that it will support many Marshmallow and Nougat devices. A list of more than 80 devices will be published soon.

An Experimental migration tool is needed to upgrade from CyanogenMod

It's also important to note that LineageOS will not ship root baked into the ROM, as root will be a downloadable zip based install similar to gapps installation.

In addition, all the builds released by LineageOS will be signed with a private key for authentication and signature permission control.

More importantly, Lineage will provide users with an Experimental data migration build, aside from the usual weekly releases for various devices. The data migration build is meant to upgrade from >CyanogenMod

to the signed LineageOS weekly.

Basically, those who want to install new ROMs will have to install the Experimental migration tool first on top of CyanogenMod 13.0 or 14.1, reboot, and then install the LineageOS weekly build.

Installing LineageOS 13.0 on top of CyanogenMod 14.1 will not work. Lastly, LineageOS has announced that this option will be removed in about two months.

Official: LineageOS Continues CyanogenMod's Legacy, Download Portal Goes Live