LRO First Light Images Of The Moon!

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You’re welcome to make a point by point rebuttal to this:


The holocaust has been called by some the best documented crime in human history but if that’s the case, one should reasonably expect some documentation of gas chambers. With all the allied soldiers passing through the liberated camps, not a single soldier got a single photo of any gas chamber. No Nuremberg Trial investigator did either. To this day, no documentation exists that gas chambers ever existed at any camp. Modern forensic testing techniques could confirm the existence of gas chambers but they are forbidden.

Simple arithmetic shows that using the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art cremation ovens available today(, it would have taken at least 250 modern ovens impossibly operating 24/7 to incinerate only half the alleged six million in the time allotted for the holocaust(<1000 days). Cremation ovens are some nearly indestructible things; made of heavy iron and refractory brick, one could be hit with a 1000lb. bomb and still be recognizable. No documentation or count of ovens was ever performed by any Nuremberg Trial investigation.

Lice insecticide, Zyklon B is still manufactured as Uragan D2 in the Czech Republic in the Draslovka Kolín factory and has been proven ineffective as an agent of mass murder. It's heat activated and would take many hours to produce any lethal concentration of cyanide. (Even under very controlled conditions, it's very difficult to kill someone using gaseous cyanide as California learned during its last disaster of a San Quentin gas chamber execution.) Cans of Zyklon B were found in liberated internment camps because lice and the resulting typhus disease were killing many internees and efforts were made to eradicate the insects. We had DDT for our Japanese-American concentration camps; the Germans used Zyklon B. (Had we lost that war, propaganda might have said we mass murdered Japanese using DDT gas.)

TRUTH fears no trial. TRUTH fears no question. The easiest way to know the holocaust is a hoax is to recognize that Germany, Austria and other nations have erected outrageous laws prohibiting the questioning or investigation of the holocaust. Scholar historians and chemical engineer thought criminals are currently imprisoned for questioning the holocaust. (You can question God, Christ, Mohammad or Moses but Thou Shalt Not Question the Holocaust.) TRUTH does not need the protection of laws. TRUTH can stand on its own. Only lies need the protection of laws. The holocaust is a lie.

Today’s holocaust cottage industry was jump-started with the1978 Skokie, Illinois march absurdly led by an alleged neo-Nazis who was a Jew, Frank Cohen, alias Frank Collin who was eventually imprisoned for molesting children and is now operating a new scam concerning Egyptian gold found in a Wisconsin cave. (I couldn't make this stuff up!)

Zionist-controlled mainstream media with tight control of information is assisting in the formation of a new taxpayer-financed faith-based holocaust religion whose foundation, like most religions, is mainly myth. If you’ve got the guts, watch the video at

This website has some good information on it also,

The TRUTH shall yet ye free, but first IT shall make ye extremely miserable.

LRO First Light images of the Moon!
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