How To: Install Sony's New PlayStation Mobile For Android On Any Rooted Device

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Sony's PlayStation Mobile for Android just went live for certified devices last night. But what if you don't have a certified device, which so far includes only a number of Sony phones and tablets as well as the HTC One series? Heck, I have a One series device - the EVO LTE - but turns out it's not certified. That's just silly.

Not a problem - if you have root on your phone or tablet, getting the PSM (PlayStation Mobile) apk to work is a matter of pushing a few files it relies on to your /system directory and rebooting. Original credit goes to XxXPachaXxX - I used his work from a few months ago, took out some extra unnecessary Bravia engine stuff, and repacked it into a flashable zip for use with the PSM.

Here is PS Mobile running on my Nexus 7:


wm_Screenshot_2012-10-03-16-00-06> wm_Screenshot_2012-10-03-16-00-38>

On the Nexus 7, I was able to play the free game and successfully tested a paid game called Fuel Tiracas. They both worked wonderfully. I also bought Samurai Beatdown, but for some reason it didn't install right (I tried 3 times but the download just said installation unsuccessful, hmmm).

How To: Install Sony's New PlayStation Mobile For Android On Any Rooted Device
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