3D Touch Jailbreak Hack: Here's How To Simulate Force Touch On Older IPhones Via Cydia [Video]

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Earlier in the week, Apple iPhone 6S series hit stores in select regions of the world. The new iPhone comes with huge-upgrade in terms of internal hardware like camera, RAM capacity, faster and a more efficient Apple A9 dual-core processor. But the most notable feature of the new 2015 series Apple phone is the 3D Touch.

3D Touch Display is an advanced version of the Force Touch feature seen in the Apple Watch.

The feature adds more value to the iOS interface. The phone's display will now have the capability to intuitively sense difference in finger's pressure to enable new gestures — Peek and Pop. Users can dip in and out of content without losing their place. Users just need to press the screen lightly to get a Peek at a photo, email, web page or other content, and if pressed a little deeper, they can pop into the content itself.

Since, 3D Touch feature is a hardware based improvement, many believed it cannot be replicated on iPhone 6 or any other older Apple devices.

Well, it looks like some genius has created a Force Touch Activator app that has the ability to mimic 3D Touch on non-iPhone 6S series devices, reported Cydia Pie.

The app is compatible with Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPod Touch, provided they are jailbroken on iOS 8 (or iOS 8.4/8.4.1) with Cydia.

The new Force Touch Activator is now available for download at Cydia under BigBoss repository. Let us know your experience of Force Touch Activator app in the comment section below.

Check out the video detailing Force Touch Activator below (courtesy, TechMe0ut):

3D Touch Jailbreak Hack: Here's How to simulate Force-Touch on Older iPhones via Cydia [Video]
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